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We offer a full range of conversion services, from simple data entry to complex content conversion projects. The company has translated a wide range of document formats (hardcopy, EPUB, MOBI, PDF, ASCII, microfilm, typesetting system application files, microfiche, etc.) and offers publishers and content aggregators an end-to-end solution—from data capture, high-speed and archival imaging, DTD/schema development, and metadata creation to large-scale, tag-intensive SGML/XML transformation and content quality assurance


High-volume data entry and OCR (99.5%–99.995% data accuracy rates).

Conversion of complex source material from hardcopy, microfilm, or digital files to XML, SGML, any SQL-compliant database, or any content management system format.

Electronic file conversion between formats and from PDF, MS-Word, and Quark Xpress to XML, SGML, EPUB, MOBI, or other client-specified formats.

Creation of online PDF and eBooks, as well as print-on-demand files.

Digital preservation of archival materials, brittle books, and oversized items

Ability to convert all Roman-character-based languages (e.g., Latin, Danish, Gothic Letter forms) and transliterate some non-Roman-character-based languages (such as Hebrew, Arabic, and Chinese).


Just as the earlier standards from the industry set the stage for widespread eBook adoption, EPUB3 will standardize the creation of rich multimedia and interactive experiences for eBooks. Infotech Solutions is playing a leadership role in this emerging standard, as a member of the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF), the EPUB3 technical specifications working group, and the EDUPUB initiative for EPUB3, which is advancing effective adoption of e-textbooks and other digital learning materials via EPUB3. We’ve developed workflows and processes that will streamline the use of EPUB3 once it gains broader adoption. In the meantime, as EPUB3 evolves, we are constantly testing EPUB3 books across various devices and platforms to keep our clients up-to-date on which functions are currently supported by which devices. EPUB3 makes it easier to create high-quality eBooks, and no matter which devices emerge as the winners in the marketplace, we’re ready to help publishers prepare their content to take full advantage of the new format.


We have proven expertise in converting content to virtually any industry standard or proprietary eBook format—from EPUB, MOBI, PRC, and AZW to eReaders such as Amazon Kindle, Apple iPad and iPhone, Barnes & Noble Nook, and Sony Reader. In addition, our technology team is focused on real-time deployment of the latest market developments, and we are constantly refining our conversion tools and processes to optimize rapid eBook production cost efficiently.


Infotech Solutions has years of experience providing Kindle conversion services, and can transform content from most source formats—such as InDesign, PDF, Word, and Quark Xpress—into MOBI, KF8, and Kindle formats. We can also take content created in HTML5 for other eBook formats and reuse it in KF8 devices.


While many new books will undoubtedly be published in an enhanced format, many new and existing titles will be converted into traditional fixed layouts. For these projects, Infotech Solutions experience in digitization and conversion enables us to deliver the highest quality at the lowest cost. We’re well-equipped to deliver large-volume conversion projects that require quick turnaround times. Experienced with both text-heavy and graphics-filled content, our team can advise you on whether fixed or refill layouts will work better for your material and for the type of device you plan to display it on. We can then produce reflow, fixed layouts, as well as interactive media assets for you. Our expertise extends across industry segments.


As more authors and publishers create books specifically designed for digital consumption, enhanced eBooks are becoming increasingly common. Infotech Solutions expertise can help publishers take full advantage of enhanced eBooks, which feature hidden searchable text; rich media features, including audio, video, and interactivity; and internal and external linking. We enrich content with semantic tagging, make sure it is interoperable across devices, and ensure it supports accessibility standards so the information is available to color-blind and visually impaired users.


We help our clients prepare for the future by gaining a working knowledge of HTML5 which will more readily support multimedia, from Flash animation to other online applications. HTML5 is intended to subsume not only other variations of HTML, but also programs that run on HTML, including Javascript and Flash. In the meantime, our teams will continue to develop new content products for existing HTML standards, including Flash and Javascript, with an eye on future developments.


XML is one of the building blocks of digital publishing, and Infotech Solutions is an expert at using SGML/XML to create source documents for multichannel content delivery, from PDFs to online articles. We can help you archive content in repositories and then set the stage for multipurpose the content with other digital production and publishing systems. Our custom engine is designed to crawl through the data dump and sort out the related files (application, PDF, art/images, fonts, related documents—bookmap, BAC) of an ISBN. A report is generated, and with minimal manual intervention the files can be sorted out to a structure that will allow culling out the different components of a single ISBN for repurposing. The data can be either retained on our large-capacity servers or pushed to clients’ repositories. We have significant experience in working with all industry-standard, journal-specific DTDs and customer-specific DTDs. We can generate and convey electronic deliverables for various online platforms such as Highwire, Ovid, ScienceDirect, Atypon, Ingenta, and PMC.

E Book

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